Thursday, December 31, 2020

Relatives and Ancestors: Ore Mine School

   How are you all doing, guys? Gals too?! I've been busy working overtime and dealing with the holidays but I really had a desire to pass something meaningful over to you other history buffs; I certainly hope in these trying times that all of you have still found a good way to experience a Merry Christmas! Let's look forward to better days with all our rights still intact.


    The Ore Mine School was one of many our parents, or grandparents, attended while growing up long ago. There existed so many of the small, usually single room schoolhouses back before our modern times. With so much history to be told it is unfortunate there is all too seldom little more than a few names of students and teachers left to observe, with maybe a photo here and there.   

    A rare exception is with one of the Reunions of this particular school in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, Pa. From the site nearby the Mt. Vernon Park furnace area, the coming together of old teachers , students and assorted family members was thoughtfully undertaken for the year 1966. From the old book handed out to those precious former students I have garnered some material on my ancestors along with a parcel of the school's history, (one of many in the township) which I do hope you enjoy as I share them with you below:

    The man behind the book was one Levi Gilbert, influential indeed,  head of many things and an old teacher as well. Heart of gold.

     (Please, CLICK on the svans for a close up.)


                                       The Ore Mine School was in use from 1884 - 1956:

A photo of the old Ore Mine School



This home was later built on the same site

   Also, below are other relatives of mine that are underlined and most of the persons related are circled in red.


               Harold was my uncle who helped organize the event. He was a machinist in Altoona and was a Sergeant in WW 2. A great guy with an occasional booming outburst of laughter. He has a daughter, Elaine Stefl, from his first marriage.

Hazel Wilson was a teacher at the school long ago

    I still recall my grandma, a fine lady, giving my brothers and I money from her change purse so we could up to Hendrick's store that use to be above Mounds' Creek where we use to fish for bass, trout and catfish, up near Rt. 982, in Woodale. Good times they were!

Again, my grandmother in older years in the middle


A few important lines on the narrow gauge railroad


          Frank Wilson use to run a store, as well he was Martha's dad and my great uncle. I think she is still living.

      Among others next up: Emerson was also a great uncle and when I was a kid was an attendee at his sad funeral to pay my respects, whereas Laura and May are cousins and Merle was my grandfather, Hazel's spouse.

      That is Emerson on the left, Merle, then Harold on the right and Hazel sitting down in front with some teachers.

    This was honestly a but of a rush job for an article. I hope we didn't miss anyone. Nevertheless, I am glad to be able to publish this for the many old and new visitors to my blog which, by the way, is celebrating over seven years on the internet. Yah!* Thank you for the wonderful patronage shown.

    I wish you all a Happy New Year

    Keep the faith and your traditions alive with those ever special memories through the rough times ahead. The good times must go on too! Take care, folks.

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