Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Inflation Alert: Huge Price Changes

This ad from Chinn's gives a fair idea of prices in the olden time.

   Folks, we all know plenty about the rising prices which has been going on for a long, long time. Whether it's gasoline or other fuel sources, the exorbitant  expense of purchasing a new car, or commodities and general products we buy almost everyday, inflation actually only appears to continue to go sky high.There were eras when it was much worse!

   Many of us remember the retailers, like for instance,  Montgomery Ward, while we still have a couple in existence in J. C. Penny and Sears, but things are very different and more's the pity as the manufacture of many products have long since left our shores and quality has tended to deteriorate over the years. So here is a handful of examples from way back in the day, so to speak.
   As far as the causes of inflation and its influences, this is an economic issue concerned with the increase (or decrease) in price levels of consumer goods while experiencing a reduction in purchasing value. This is caused by various factors.

    Regardless of the meaningful details (which can be difficult to understand), we are not using this space to go into all the technicalities here. The main idea on our post is to have a bit of entertainment with some educational info included as we take a gander over our modern shoulders back at what items use to cost in the 'good old days'.

   Hey, let me know if you enjoy these!

             This tempting concoction probably easily bypassed the Medical Board in 1903:


From the Mervis Company comes -the "CONGOWALL"!

                Now, I have collected a lot of these for many types of products. Perhaps, if you give me a hint, I will consider posting another batch in the future. Is that a deal?              


  We have a few advertisements on food produce displayed below:

   I missed the year for this one, but it was surely long ago when there use to be a market by this name on 'old 119' near Pennsville selling a bushel of peaches at these prices.


          These was also a Nut Shop on the corner of Pittsburgh St. on the right at the second red light in Scottdale.          


               Above is a good smattering of prices for Acme Super Markets from the year, 1945.

               I don't know about the rest of you, but I suddenly feel like doing some serious grocery shopping. Lol.

    From the Connellsville Bottling Works provided the one below. Does anyone remember 'Spur'?  Apparently it was just about as good as Canada Dry.

  Those high priced fancy women's hats!



           When's the last time you heard of prices resembling that for a train trip out east to do a bit of gambling? The ad is from July 10, 1931.

 Reasonable cost. AND, as most locals know, the store is still in existence.                                 

                       This one is for Frisbees, 1890:

H'mmm, a couple of bucks for a shot gun -what times!

   Next up is from the late 1950's. The brothers were still there in the 1970's, anyway. I have fond memories of my parents taking us to the experts at Simon's in Mount Pleasant from the 60's and 70's.               

                            Who needs a new fridge -come one, come all:

                    Nothing like an inexpensive car, eh?

A company from the 1940's.

                  Some of you will recall the well known store, Gatling's. This ad is from 1949:

A good, dependable store. Ad is from 1959.

          Here is a vintage ice cream ad from December 2, 1926:                               
           Hagan was a popular, high quality local brand originating from this region.

A personal ad placed in the Courier on June 4, 1931.
                We all know of the Tums company, but back then people ate them "like candy"!
This shoe ad is from 1936.

Many of us remember this standby. Ad from 1971.
   The above ad brings back the days when my friends and I use to go have coffee and dessert down at the mall in the 1970's. I don't think I tried the fish, but some good, simple times, folks.

A 1939 advertisement for cheap wallpaper.

                        Indeed, there use to be a clothing store or three in Scottdale, long ago:

An old Pepsi ad from 1936.

And to be fair, a Coca-Cola ad from the same year.
    Another Nut Shop ad for Scottdale's version from 1946. Mmmm..

   We all wish tires could be discounted for these prices once more:                             

              Lots for sale from way back in the day:     

Imagine a chance to purchase some of this furniture?!

      A special hats off to The Daily Courier, the newspaper which handled many of these ads along with a whole slew of other ones stretching back past the 1900's.
    Please do let me know which tickled your fancy and any comments about other products that struck your memory when you were much younger are more than welcome. Yes, I'll be glad to read your responses and more of your personal memories and observations. Those youthful blog followers that have no recollections about them or these stores can get an idea just how much your pocket change was once worth too!                         

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