Saturday, June 23, 2018

Email Notification

   Recently, there have been known problems with not only identity theft, but also one specifically  with passwords. Now, resetting a Security Code can be a much iffier proposition.

  { Take Outlook Express for example. I've had the personal strife of resetting and using a phone number and then not being allowed access to my email account! Anyone else having this experience too? Something certainly needs to be done since this blog is directly connected from my domain to THAT very email service! Now what? On top of this, I reluctantly and stupidly did not export those contacts of quite a few years to other accounts. I simply desired to keep those separate. What a pickle, eh? I absolutely hate to leave anybody hanging because of this and I apologize ahead of time for a lack of response. }


Although a very frustrating situation, I seem to be getting it BACK UNDER CONTROL.

    While I am trying to deal with this issue, if for ANY REASON you experience a need to contact me, please follow these instructions:

      FIRST - leave a message on the Comment Section of the blog.

     SECOND - If it is important, write me at: (You can just copy and paste it).

     THIRD - If it is somewhere in between, please leave me a message on Facebook. The address is, (as should be known), If necessary, you should be able to copy and paste that as well with no trouble.

     ALRIGHT, folks? Good. And while you are at it, you can choose to follow me on Facebook and something good will come out of this bit of a mess. THANKS!

  While you can still contact me, "Histbuffer", at the secondary email and Facebook addresses above, again:

   YOU can reach me by the email address! Thanks for all your cooperation, folks.


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