Sunday, March 25, 2018

One or Two Issues

 Good to be back for a quick posting, folks!

  As quite a few of the blog watchers of Fayette/Westmoreland Forgotten History tend to live in the northeastern portion of the United States (nothing against the rest of you -glad you are joining us!), you may well of experienced a spring snowstorm recently. We are all the more looking forward to milder and more seasonable weather, and, Very Soon!

   To tell the truth:

I've had a couple problems with the blog lately. Well, more precisely, my aging home computer has been 'acting up' for months and having a time finding a solution besides replacing it altogether. A thorny little ongoing situation I hesitate in mentioning.

    Although we won't be going into all the needling details right here, I am in the very early process of writing a book. While this idea is finally about to come off the dusty shelf, here's hoping many visitors and followers will be excited to eventually find fresh regional historical material brought together in a qualitative physical state in the not too distant future. I certainly would like that to be the case! Maybe we can discover a way to achieve this accomplishment together!

  Now, I have been experiencing a large sum of 'changes' on differing levels, mostly within the last year and a half. I find less opportunity for drawn out online searching and field work that desperately needs done. Yes, on-the-ground, honest to goodness, RESEARCH. That stuff too! There are places I want to - need to, get closer to checking out more thoroughly. Frankly, it hasn't been happening.

  So, to get to the major point among mounting difficulties, I may be in the market of 'hiring' for a position. You'll see what I'm getting at in a moment.

   Also at issue, there are far Too MANY draft posts partly written which are being neglected for one reason or other, regardless of the legitimacy those excuses hold on the surface.Understand, there has been a steadfast rule for years concerning the sole responsibility in coordinating the various projects undertaken on F/WFH. I suppose there comes a time to face up to newer realities, in fact, the blog could be losing a degree of its edge by continually holding to this point. Therefore, it behooves me seriously enough to think, perhaps reluctantly, of taking on a well meaning, hopefully thoughtful individual with a touch of computer savvy and a certain deal of know how. You know, a videographer who conveniently lives close by would be a real boon, to say the least!
If these high attributes may be somewhat lacking, maybe a goodly percentage of instinct would do the trick in a pinch.

  With the lesser amount in chunks of time in my situation, yet with feedback telling me please continue updating, what may be required the most is - sort of, a secretary. Or, to put a more fitting title to the job, I am almost at the threshold of needing a real, live co-admin. While I would, of course,  maintain basic control. Alright, since we are talking about Blogger, and I'm not even positive what all the details imply, the contribution of an Editor or as an Author, would be of fine service.

     Next point of order, who out there among you fine people would be willing to help in filling this presumable role ?

  Do realize, under the circumstances, we would have to have a charitable arrangement. BUT, there might be the satisfaction of some influence. Meaning: suggestions will be strongly considered, as well original ideas and wording would be looked into carefully; just maybe, as an Author obviously implies, an occasional blog would be permitted. How's that sound? With my grip so long firmly on the site's wheel, this would be by no means an easy offer, or a call of help that is being taken lightly.

   IF, and that's a big if, no one is forthcoming on the matter at hand, maybe a part-time kind of cooperation could be managed. We can check out the pros and cons later.


   Well, all those promising candidates, please take a few minutes to send me in a private email any qualifications or credentials, which are a real plus, briefly explain in a few words your love of regional history or your slant on the blog with its implications, and decide in what aspect you feel you would be most useful. Thank you very much!

  If, indeed, there is little meaningful response, (perish the thought!), I will continue to try to do the usual; simply, remain a good trooper and find an alternate method of ironing things out!


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