Saturday, March 11, 2017

Milestone: 100,000 Hits!

      I am uploading a quick, brief post for early to mid-March for reaching the milestone of 100,000 page views. Alright! Don't feel cheated in any way. Although on a small scale, this is decidedly a necessary celebration at F/WFH!

 A few points are in order.

    It took well over three years. It may not sound like much in comparison to some highly popular blogs, but I feel a true sense of meaning in getting to this pinnacle. Actually since thinking of whether to share this or not, I noticed the page views are nearly 104,000. Bit of a fast jump. Apparently this is a tad redundant, huh? Oh, well, it's a good thing.

    You know, the truth is I hadn't given the idea a lot of thought, it just happened. Well, 25,000...50,000...nice, sure. Maybe it can be taken for granted too easily. One would suppose, you do eventually get there after all. We won't bother delving into the various posting history, that's east enough to discover for yourselves. There are updates along the way that add such perspectives.

    In a way, the more I considered it, I find myself experiencing a degree of pride and accomplishment to of gotten this far. There is a slow but steady awareness akin to mild surprise that comes with the territory: gaining a slow yet sure momentum over the years and months in the endeavor to create, sustain and hold in place a dynamic blog on local and regional historical topics. We have indeed lasted this long and I hope many of you who have stopped in or spent a fair amount of time checking the posts have found some enjoyment, a few jolts of reality and learned something about southwestern Pennsylvania. Such was the simple goals designed from the start.

   As has surely been done before, but could use repeating, I want to express a sincere and heartfelt gratitude for your patronage and time spent here on this site. On a personal level, I really do enjoy the interaction from comments, fellow colleagues and inquiring emails, so please continue and possibly raise the level of your important feedback, OK? For this I would thank all of you ahead of time.
   Make no mistake, everything here has been thoroughly enjoyed in the blog writing process. This isn't nirvana, it hasn't been perfect. I do try to make the subject matter reasonable and worthwhile.

   We are NOT done. There is more to come, while there are even a couple of posts that need finalized from Part One and a Part Two. Grand ideas are in draft form and there are fresh goals fro me to  attempt. I love providing this service to the public. Enough tooting my own horn.

     Now check back soon. I believe you won't be disappointed!


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