Monday, February 6, 2017

Excursion To Bedford Part Two

     Now after checking Founders Crossing, and rather wisely avoiding Gardner's Candies, somehow  skipping the Bedford County Visitors Bureau - we headed to the big flea market, Hoe-E-Geez on Bedford Plaza Road, from Route 31. Partly being anxious from observing the rather 'pricey' establishment mentioned above, and the fact that there wasn't much in the way of historic locales, I simply didn't bother with many photos.

     But wait! I got a few deals. Well not exactly deal per se. The prices are closely calculated, it's just that there might be items to even up on which are interesting enough for which the purchase is worth laying down some money. And that's what I did. I was on vacation and money was burning a small hole in my pocket.

    First, here are the Bedford Museum Gift Shop purchases:                  

Had to have the name sake tee shirt

    The book on the left, below wasn't exactly cheap, Scoroudy, basically consisting of James Smith's journal and description of his capture by the Mohicans and adventures with the 'Black Boys.' So I had to have it. The one on the right was nicely informative.

I was surprised to get this fine shirt for almost a pittance.

A few old coins are always up my alley.

Fort Bedford Museum gift shop receipt
        Below are most of the little items I brought home from Hoke-E-Geez flea market:
Fake Esen medal and Barber quarter

Yes, that is an Edison bottle on the right


Well this is W. C. Fields after all. Gotta love his old movies.
        Sometimes I can be a bit of a sucker:                              

A Statue of Liberty...thermometer.

A once famed book, the Life of Washington

           Don't worry, I sure didn't pay near what this fine book is normally worth since the spine was heavily damaged. Still look at it, not bad.
Oldie, but a goodie.

Ten WW2 German Marks.

          I hope nothing important was left out.
      Last, but not least, we headed back into Somerset County and this time detoured our way to the south through Brothersvalley and into Summit township to locate a region where my maternal great grandfather once lived...

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