Sunday, November 13, 2016

A History Contest: Winners and Answers!

  The time limit of submissions for the contest sponsored by Fayette/Westmoreland Forgotten History has passed on Friday , Nov. 18, at 10:00 P. M.

The acceptable answers to the 12 questions appear below:

Question No. 1

   What famous Revolutionary War hero is buried in a cemetery in Greensburg, Pa?

    Arthur St. Clair

 Question No. 2

   What unusual relic or item from Fayette County had a replica which was once kept at the West  Overton Museum?

      An exact copy of the Indian petroglyphs from Perryopolis

   Question No. 3

   Give the name of the third President of the Braddock Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the American Revolution from the year 1932?

     J. Espey Sherrard

   Question No. 4

    In what vicinity was a plausible trace of the Braddock Road discovered which is also close to the  actual location the Turkey Foot Road probably crossed it? (HINT: This was related exclusively on this blog). Come on folks, haven't you read these posts? (That's still only ONE question!)

       Walnut Hill, Kingview Road, Crossroads, or George's Trading Post, on the border of Upper Tyrone and Bullskin townships, are all acceptable answers.

  Question No. 5

    Properly describe the 1700's location in which Jacobs Cabin existed according to warranty surveys? (The information can also be found on F/WFH). Legendary or mythical sites are not included here.

       At or near West Tech Drive,  the old Sony complex, now the RIDC building, between Mt. Pleasant and Hempfield townships.

   Question No. 6

     Before he moved on to Kentucky, the pioneering hero James Smith of Bedford County moved to what region in the late 1770's to mid-1780's where he later had a warranty survey?

       Near the waters of Jacobs Creek in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, in what was then Westmoreland County and previous to that, Bedford County.

   Question No. 7

     Toward the late 1960's and early 1970's, what music store once had outlets in Connellsville, Mount Pleasant and Scottdale?

      Brown's, sometimes known as the Record Center.

   Question No. 8
      A two part question:

    What ultimate authority gave the order for the building of the Turkey Foot Road, and who were the two men were responsible for this, one of which accomplished his work in Fayette and Westmoreland counties?

      George Washington, while Nathaniel Greene passed down the particular orders through Colonel George Morgan; the two road builders were: Colonel Providence Mounts and Captain Charles Clinton, (in that order)

    Question No. 9

    Tell the name of what popular establishment use to be on the right side at the corner of Pittsburgh Street in Scottdale at the second traffic light back in the !960's into the 1970's?

       The Nut Shop

    Question No. 10

     What well traveled author was the previous President of the Mount Pleasant Glass Museum?

    Cassandra Vivian

     Question No. 11

   What man held a warranty tract survey and an earlier, contested land claim within what became Bullskin Township, Fayette County where tradition said he arrived by 1767?

   Adam Hatfield (the first which was in the locality of Laurelville and was contested; the second, a survey warranted in his name of property which eventually became the Pleasant Valley Country Club).

     Question No. 12
(Here's a three part one, so do your best! TWO answers will be acceptable):

  Include one of the two months while giving the date Colonel James Burd build his fort, what was one of the known previous names for this place and who was involved with the earlier work on or very near to it?

        Late Oct. to early Nov. 1759, Redstone Old Fort, the Hangard; Captain Trent (in that order)

      NOTE: Unfortunately no one submitted the correct answers to 11 out of 12 of the questions, therefore there was no winner to be accepted and receive the $25.00 prize. I personally felt the degree of difficulty was not extreme, though it might of been on the tricky side. The responses were on the sparse side and rather disappointing. The format may not be repeated unless comments are favorable. IF good feedback is received, I will seriously consider holding another contest, possibly with answers that would appear easier, or would allow for more incorrect answers and still carry the prize.

 More exciting historical topics will be explored in the near future, so please check back.

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