Thursday, October 27, 2016


  It's about time to up the anty, so to speak, and create what should be a popular idea: A HISTORY CONTEST. Right here on ol' Fayette/Westmoreland Forgotten History to test your status and knowledge base.

 How much of this blog have visitors actually spent the time to read ? This will probably be a key issue on the path to succeeding. While not all the answers to the questions provided below are available in the various posts, some of them definitely are.

  This is not the along the same line as any other type of contest; we will even go back to the dimly lit past of  southwestern Pennsylvania for quite a few.


  First, here are the details-

   RULES For Entry

    I've tried to keep things simple.

   Whether through newspaper articles, history magazines and books, with a smattering from other sources, about all has been done to conceivably assure the answers are correct. Please understand, the final decision for answers must remain with the blog as to what constitutes the proper responses.

     21 days are allocated for the reception of all entries to be received and processed from the day of posting. Not 20, not 22. No entries can be accepted that do not contain an attempt in some form to answer all of the questions.

    11  of the answers given must be correct to win!

   There will be only one winner allowed. The details will be publicized soon after the deadline is up, right here on the blog, so stay tuned.

  IF there is a TIE, which is doubtful, a TIE-BREAKER will be announced.
 Either way, the correct answers will also be provided in a future posting as well.

  The evening of November 18th, at 10 O'clock is the deadline. 

Please keep that date in mind.

   You CAN WIN $25.

This is for real, would I kid about something like this? Why, of course not! There are a few toughies, but I didn't want to make the contest too easy, OK?

 If nothing else comes of the idea, I hope visitors to the site will have some fun with this and give it a shot!


    Question No. 1

  What famous Revolutionary war hero is buried in a cemetery in Greensburg, Pa?

     Question No. 2

    What unusual relic or item from Fayette County had a replica made of it that was once kept at the West Overton Museum?

      Question No. 3

  Give the name of the third President of the Braddock Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the American Revolution from the year 1932?

       Question No. 4

      In what vicinity was a plausible trace of the Braddock Road discovered which is also close to the  actual location where the Turkey Foot Road probably crossed it? (HINT: This was  related exclusively on this blog). Come on folks, haven't you read of it? (That's still only ONE question!)

     Question No. 5

      Properly describe the 1700's location in which Jacobs Cabin existed according to warranty surveys and can you name the present county? The information can also be found on F/WFH). (Legendary or mythical sites are not included here).

      Question No. 6

      Before he moved on to Kentucky, the pioneering hero James Smith of Bedford County moved to what region in the late 1770's to mid-1780's where he later had a warranty survey?

      Question No. 7

      Toward the late 1960's and early 1970's, what music store once had outlets in Connellsville, Mount Pleasant and Scottdale?

         Question No. 8 
Two parts:

     What ultimate authority gave the order for the building of the Turkey Foot Road from Cumberland Maryland to Pittsburgh, Pa; and who were the two men responsible, one of which accomplished his work in Fayette and Westmoreland counties?

      Question No. 9

    Tell what popular establishment use to be on the right side at the corner of Pittsburgh Street in Scottdale at the second traffic light in the !960's into the 1970's?

      Question No. 10

    What well traveled author was the previous President of the Mount Pleasant Glass Museum?

      Question No. 11

What man held a warranty survey, or claims to two large plots of land in Bullskin Township where tradition said he arrived by 1767?

    Question No. 12 
(Here's a three part one, so do your best! TWO answers will be considered an acceptable response):

   Include one of the two months, while giving the date Colonel James Burd built his fort under the orders of General Forbes, also what was one of the known previous names for this place and who was involved with the earlier work on or very near to it?

   THAT'S  IT folks.

     Again, if by chance there is a TIE, a tie-breaker will be published later in an effort to award one winner only. Only first place will be awarded and acknowledged.

    Believe me, I could of done things to manipulate a few of these to make it that Much Harder. If visitors hold a strong feeling that these questions are far too difficult, do let me know. At another time we might plan a contest with different rules. It all depends on how things go with the present one.

     You Can Do It! WRITE IN. I'll be anxiously waiting and hoping for one of you to truly be the lucky, knowledgeable individual to claim this prize. It is, alas, admittedly rather small, but part of the fun is getting to the finish line!

                                    * WINNER ! *

   No Paypal, sorry. You will either have to leave an address on the blog comments, or preferably email me privately with the proper information so the MONEY can be sent to YOU, most likely by money order.

                             ENTER SOON!


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