Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Happy Birthday

photo of Bald Eagle courtesy of the NPS

   I want to wish a brief, but meaningful Happy Birthday to the National Park Service. For all you have done to preserve and present the visual, audio and special grounds of our history to the public at large, congratulations!

   To institute and celebrate this honor, there are commemorative coins being printed up in three limited editions. By the way, there is also a President Reagan Series, Birth Coin Sets, Uncirculated  Coin Sets are being offered on their site. Some of these are really quite attractive. A list of the various National Parks are included with much other information.

   The National Park Service is 100 years old this year ! There is so much to learn about.

    Mt. Pleasant Glass Museum

   Histbuffer, ( a k a, me),  received a small request in the mail not too long ago and I mean to honor my promise. In doing so, I'm now throwing a 'plug' in to the Mount Pleasant Glass Festival and Museum.  The plug isn't really necessary as this is a great service to the community! It is really something to see and experience. Notice, there are two separate links to check out above.

   Located at 402 East Main St. at Suite 600, phone number- 547-5929, the Glass Museum opened its doors in 2013. Opening hours are between 11:oo a. m. to 3:30 p. m., Mon. - Sat. They have quite a variety of glassware available for perusal, and represented our the three local glass companies: Bryce, Lennox and L. E. SMITH. Ms. Philips-Haler succeeded Casandra Vivian as the new Director. There is a research library and a gift shop for those interested. They also have  "The Glory Years, Mount Pleasant" exhibit opened recently.

   Admission is FREE, folks! So please consider making a donation.

   Keep an eye out, there are many festivals going on this fall all through Westmoreland and Fayette and the surrounding counties this fall and autumn is a beautful time of the year to head into the hills. You should try to keep a few on your weekend itinerary, if you can manage it!

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