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Recognition: An Updated Honor Roll


  The original idea behind updating this aspect of the blog began as just a spur of the moment idea quickly put into action. Since the heady, early days and months presenting regional history there has been scattered responses to the acknowledgement toward those that have been in some way associated with this blog. Whether this was by correspondence, collaboration, or some other type of connection. Some of you have been particularly close and some more of an acquaintance. There are references to them throughout this blog.

   Now, at a crossroads between work on a few newer planned posts, I made the decision to briefly visit the topic once again. Revisiting the link will help give a perspective on what this is all about. If I had any hesitation on redoing something on this order, it was knowing most visitors might not experience a heavy interest, so please bear with the subject matter for a small break this month while gaining an inside look at things. Links are given to help inform those that are interested with added  info on these folks. This is all Free of Charge !

   I realize these mentions are just names to most folks, yet most of these associations are very meaningful in some way and they are appreciated. Those that held a major influence or were rather more directly involved, are presented first and foremost. Those of a 'minor' level, though still on a par worth gaining a place here are shown next. Finally, those persons somewhere near the periphery are not forgotten or ignored: they do appear last. You might ask the question, why are so many on a first name basis? This is only because there may be a question if they would care for any extra attention in this manner and what should be fairly obvious is I don't really like to  ask, personally. Alright then.

Just finished: a 2nd round of' business cards for the blog

   Most here to see if they are named should be aware who exactly is being referred to. In my way of thinking, that is what matters. Correspondents and affiliates come and go through the years making a tougher task of including them or not. So... I did the best I can. The categories are more for convenience and certainly not intended to denigrate any, but only in an attempt to elevate!

   Those that are not in touch anymore, regardless of the reasons, I still miss the input.

   The old adage of  'pointing the way down the road and up around the bend' still holds true.


       Jeff Hann- I only see him occasionally, but we still continue to correspond. He is a valued friend and a guy who has made strides in  historical discovery with important follow up research which I admire. HATS OFF !

     Cindy S. - Here's a lady who I discovered works very near to me. I recently came to know her and the close connections to my own paternal ancestry who possesses great added heritage I am now learning more about! (I am so sorry for the passing of her mother a while back).

     Art Kenner - Another relative, good guy and history enthusiast. He resides in Texas and we have corresponded frequently! We may yet be able to meet in person some fine day. (A sad note of condolence to him and his family toward the recent death of his father, Lewis).

     Keith Romesburg - My cousin and friend from the Bullskin Historical Society who I hope to come upon more often. A compatriot and history buff in his own way as well. I love the guy AND he is a relative in the Miner/Hatfield/Wilson tradition!

      Jay Stern - An informative individual who lives in the local area who gave some great tips on some subject matter.

       Chris Espenshade - A knowledgeable and well known archeologist, he provided me the opportunity to present further evidence of the historical underpinnings of the Turkey Foot Road and Braddock Road near the borders of Upper Tyrone and Bullskin Townships in Fayette County and made recommendations partly based on this which was very thoughtful.

   , (here's the old one for comparisons), author, Lannie Dietle who has given me advice and involved in some posts.

    NANCY H. - A helpful and a generous person I don't hear from much any longer. One of the first people in our region who followed my blog closely AND let me know it! My hat is still off to her.

    Lannie Dietle - An major, well established author who was instrumental in giving me quality advice and was often in frequent correspondence and collaboration who is due to be out with a new book soon. His influence can be found in various parts of this blog, including a guest post.

    Kim Brown - The President of the Bullskin Township Historical Society. They are celebrating their 20th year.

      Although Kim would probably be the first to admit we haven't corresponded much regularly as in the 'old days' and I am lax on attending meetings, she recently published another article of mine, (finally), in the Fall Quarterly Newsletter about Iron Bridge. You need to become a member to receive the output of the newsletter for yourselves. Hint: two articles are here for you to check out - the original one from May of 2014, "Meeting of the Townships"  and - "An Update on Iron Bridge and the Great Road." You can catch my involvement in a 2015 Fall Heritage Festival visit AND my small (apparently low key ?) night at the Bullskin Fair! There is a photo of the Grange Hall provided by Kim Brown for perusal.

    To Scott Wilson, my Bullskin brother, a quick word. (He can be seen below on the left, next to my brother Mark on the rather poor quality photo). His rare insight and sense of direction has at key moments afforded me needed guidance in various areas. Indeed!

    Bobbi Kramer - an author in her own right who has lent a hand in one of the blog posts here at Fayette/Westmoreland Forgotten History and someone I've talked to off and on about the subject of historical research.

     Bob Hatfield - I am attempting to garner some historical information on relatives of Devil Anse Hatfield and the famous branch from West Virginia. He is a great, great nephew. This really is intriguing stuff too.

      Jamie Lambing: A one off helper in the area of Smithton who provided good photos and helped further my understanding of the place!

    My parents, Wayne Wilson and Sylvia Hoover Wilson, although dead, you are both in my thoughts and heart every day and an inspiration.

      Anthony: We use to have in depth conversations which took much time. Now he is a busy man with his own websites, editing, preparing articles, on and on. I miss his blog tutelage as I felt he was a near expert when it came to writing. I fondly recall his offers of needed advice as he was there for ME when he could be.


    Barb, Tristan, and Angie, not necessarily affiliated with F/WFH, still they are Facebook friends. Hey, I just wanted to mention them! Jade, who works at the Bedford Museum, (please get the email thing better under control!) Rob E., Dwaine Fuoss, the eccentric Indian artifact collector, Imelda another history-minded and generous woman; John Connor, who I haven't seen in some time, an old work friend and a nice guy,  ETC.

    Many of these people do not know of each other. They have in common the fact of reminding me this effort is worthwhile. Whatever their involvement, large, small, important or occasional, I wanted to do them an honorable mention. For those that care, as it is understood most of these kind individuals certainly do not require or desire any acknowledgements, per se; regardless, you are in reception of a hearty, old fashioned  

                      C ON G R A T U L A T I O N S !

     By the way, the formatting may be a bit off so it shouldn't be taken too seriously; don't worry about that.

    Do you feel any wish to be included here? Well, get in correspondence or collaboration with ol' Histbuffer and see if you can provide any pertinent info, ideas, or research angles and maybe, guess what? 

    * YOU will be more than welcome to be a part of this eclectic "Group" TOO ! *

     We will return with more Ancestor material, an excursion I made on my vacation to Bedford, but I haven't managed to get down to Fort Necessity yet; a History Contest is in the works as well! So, keep coming back and check it out soon. Thanks for your continuing patronage. Your interest is so special and has made the development of these posts all worth the time and effort! 

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