Saturday, May 9, 2015

'Superficial' Page Views and Original Research

  A Brief Post of Special Interest

  I would like all you smart observers and searchers after substance to know I truly appreciate the page views being received and the 'hits' to "Fayette/Westmoreland Forgotten History." This is especially so, since my most recent article, "A Scoop on the Old Braddock Road in Westmoreland County." Admittedly, there was a minor drop off in March and part of April which was kind of odd. Not to be too terribly concerned for my own sake, as the statistics meander around, and there are many 'peaks' among the few 'valleys.' Still, it is natural in warranting a healthy flow of traffic which reflects the veritable degree of the daily, weekly and monthly meaning of the blog. The site isn't in the business of cataloging small tidbits of information in a frequent wave of knowledge, so interpreted, but more so, I am delving fairly deep in the mine of history, however regional and tiny some of these places may appear. However superficial it might appear, page hits do matter a lot.

chart courtesy of Google

 This is YOUR HISTORY too, is it not? And you deserve to clearly see the stuff that should be most noteworthy. I love dealing with more modern discoveries when they are available to research. At times, this involves some tricky material and I'm not claiming it is deciphered in the best possible fashion, only that I am bringing it to you on a clean plate with a fresh perspective and for a garnish, with whatever insight can be mustered.

 The reality of this type of website doesn't allow for continuous articles that are necessarily exclusive to the inclusion of completely original research from yours truly. This kind of historical investigation does take much time, energy and some mental elbow grease! I also want to freely reveal, this type of post, for whatever conceivable faults inherent, is, by far, the most encouraging, enjoyable and interesting to participate in; thoroughly engrossing.

 Personally, although this was a post of a small area of the Braddock Road dealt with on a map of the mid-1800's, this proves I must be doing something right in the refreshing perspective shown by visitors in examining my research. You show such good curiosity. Thanks for your confidence as this helps me gauge where I stand. Here's hoping to please with continuing to provide pertinent posts, mostly of lost and abandoned places and locations. Your continued support is impressive and meaningful. I'll be back soon with another post.

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