Monday, March 9, 2015

In Like A Lion

 A Foreword On A Published Article

 If there is anything I really love doing, up high on the list, is being able to inform people of our fascinating regional history. A close second is the learning experience acquired through this very research and the people and relatives you get to know along the chosen path. The School of History is an awesome place, have you taken a few courses? The Degree is your own satisfaction of gaining a meaningful understanding of times and locations which may involve some time, but totally worth the endeavor, I promise!

 First, but not necessarily foremost, I want to draw your attention to an article I published for the Bullskin Township Historical Society, Volume 4-Number 1 of the Spring 2015 edition. This is a condensed version with some adjustments of my two in depth posts on the 'TFR', The Forgotten Turkey Foot Road...' and 'Turkey Foot Road Remnants...' I admit to feeling some pride in this accomplishment. In fact, I find it very exciting! Although the material was fairly easy to transfer, narrowing the scope for the most important information into a two page story was a mite more of a challenge and yet a good experience. I thank the Society for allowing me this opportunity for betterment and enlightenment of the regional community. There are GOOD, quality articles in there as well you should find entertaining and intriguing, so for more information you can check this LINK!

 COLD Spell

Although our region experienced much cold this winter with some very frozen nights, the white stuff  came in doses of one or two inches. No, we haven't graduated to weather forecasts on FWFH, rather here are a few picturesque views from the large storm from the early March of this year.

   In the old days, and some of us remember a few of those extremes in weather, people had to dig there way out of their homes the best they could to get to the grocer, the post office, or just over the farm lane to the cow pens after a windy night. We don't have it as bad as all that, but getting to and from work and school can still be a harsh reality for many.

  The day after the storm of March 4 was a sunny day, not too chilling and a ride around Upper Tyrone, Bullskin and East Huntingdon was certainly in the cards. So, take a little diversion and hope along with me this is the last snowfall of this caliber, and soon we will be seeing the grass turn greener and the first timid buds of spring arriving!




    The caption from the above photo gives a description of the area where some of these were snapped.

        Ah, blue skies and...snow, plenty of the stuff.

     Can you guess where this is?

A bend in Valley View Drive at South Everson near the Braddock Road

    Above is the South Everson portion of Valley View Drive just north of the St. Joseph Cemetery. Near this stretch was an old trace that could pertain to the Braddock Road that deviated quite close to where the photo was taken.


    This was not actually from part of a wilderness trek, far from it, just a backyard fir tree!


     A path 'around the bend'. Sometimes our course takes us through some chilling places, though often there is beauty along the way.



    This photo is looking east toward the lessening heights of the Chestnut Ridge and the Ore Mine Hill region. In the foreground is a rural scene of Woodale.



    There absolutely HAD to be at least one farm scene  ; )
A small wooded area covered in snow in Alverton


B'rrr  !

     Like many of you, I sincerely wish this is our last view of ice on the gutters from the freezing winter of 2014/2015. I'm sick of the cold, to be perfectly blunt. Well, let's keep our fingers crossed. Those with snow mobiles and skis can ignore my rant against the cold. Even those hearty ones must admit SUB ZERO numbing weather is not necessary to experience fun in your travels. The snow itself is a beautiful sight, isn't it really?

   Today on Monday, the temperature reached near the balmy high of 50 degrees. Ah, is that a slight whiff of more pleasant climes and the reawakening of warmth around the corner? Nudging of seedlings deep down and the song of a lone robin on the crisp wind? Just maybe...keep your fingers crossed.

   I'll be back soon with a brand new entry as we thaw out. Keep Checking In!

   ~  Histbuffer


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