Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Necessary Delay

    I need to check in to give a brief explanation that a new post is due, but unfortunately, it isn't completely ready for prime time.

   More information has to be included and is only now becoming available, so the delay is a necessity. There is a newspaper inquiry involving fellow researchers that I may be required to participate in around the ninth of December concerning Jeff Hann's discoveries and possibly other material, and for this reason this  post will need to be made before any other by that date. I do apologize to the inconvenience to readers and visitors to the site.

   Now for the bright side: what is forthcoming will be enlightening with substantial and quality information. Don't worry, I will only be willing to take so long and then will publish what I have. So, we will have a new post right around the bend. I will also plan to add more posts this month.

    See you soon,

    ~  Histbuffer


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