Friday, August 1, 2014

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    HI ALL,

     I hope you history buffers are having a good summer!

     Rarely do I upload this kind of thing, though a Progress Report might well be due and I'm really in between posts. I figured it might be enlightening to include viewers in the process of what I'm doing, so here's a quick update for upcoming regional and historical articles, starting in a few days.

     Please, read on:

     Firstly, it is rather difficult to believe the website is approaching a year since it's initial inception. I feel it a nice surprise we have seen a steady and healthy growth and this sure means plenty for my expectations. I know, too, there is certainly room for improvement here and there. On that, I could go on and on, (BUT, I won't!). Frankly, this just isn't the type of blog that gets little emotional tidbit entries every couple of days, so I try to incorporate a more factual glut of material and less of the every day side of things on each upload. You probably agree it is, mercifully, absent. Another perception is to be admitted some of the technical areas envisioned in the past are still to be achieved.

     Secondly, I do hope to again get with the Indian artifact collector from Mount Pleasant, Duaine Fuoss, for another and maybe more in depth interview soon. It was also a great experience collaborating on Iron Bridge with the author Lannie Dietle, who helpfully initialized the discussion by sending me information on the area. Something he occasionally does. I feel there has been progress made with more meaningful stuff to pass along as I face challenges through the learning curve.

    I speculated a little foolishly back in February and March  that I may run out of quality ideas for the blog. It could just be the gloom of the cold, cloudy season gave pause for a somewhat hazy period and that can happen to anybody that writes, from time to time. Yet, the feeling was probably related to the first winter I spent without the presence of my parents. We all have to be able to let our cherished loved ones pass on and adjust ourselves to some tragic happenings, and deal with that intense grief, but this was the worst from my side, at least. They meant so much to me and with only a few months separating their deaths, felt devastating. My Dad really meant the world to me. We may of not always seen quite eye to eye, but I respected his war service and many of his religious and practical attitudes. In a world that continually is changing, he was a real man. They both cared for me and my family so much. I was especially close to my Mom too. As I look back, I couldn't say enough about how classy a lady she was and how dutiful and selfless, so deeply concerned with every faucet of my life. As an example, she even traveled a few times with yours truly on trips to Europe and the Bahamas. What vacations those were! So, you can understand the tough situation it was, and is, the adjustment to not having their earthly influence. I do feel they watch, and sometimes guide me from Heaven. Well, as was almost bound to take place sooner or later, somewhere in late spring I became more inspired and had a real brainstorm, (no negative aftereffects, I'm happy to report!), and between doing research and talking to a few distant relatives and acquaintances, it became a prerogative to expand the scope here.

    Of course, if you've been paying attention to recent posts, the Connellsville article is STILL in the computer boardroom, but close to completion. I am also working on the one in front of me which, I'm afraid, may come off to some as a bit of a 'fluff piece' on Latrobe. That is basically finished. It really does have some substantial interest, especially to those of a particular sporting persuasion.

    Eventually, a good coverage concerning World War Two, and possibly other wars and some of the veterans of them would be something to consider. What do YOU think? Let me know if that sounds meaningful enough to many of you for future attention. My Dad spent many years on the railroad before retirement and that is something else that could be used as the nexus of upcoming interest. We'll see.

   The up side to doing your own website is the freedom inherent in making decisions. When to publish and what the subject will contain.

   Yes, you have also probably noted my attempt toward branching out more in the late spring and early summer months, including more information on surrounding townships and counties. Now there are plans to get back to areas closer to home soon, as well, with some good stuff on Everson and West Overton in Upper Tyrone and East Huntington townships, respectively, yet I do enjoy broadening the scope of historical material while gathering more afield in as expansive an erudition as I can manage!

    I also submit articles for a newsletter monthly, (there are those of you that are well aware of that), with limited viewership. Sorry, but it is best to keep it at that level. The main reason to mention this here is the spike in number of hits received on the site are a nice compliment and greatly appreciated. I am in the process of hesitantly and cautiously, doing a few speaking engagements.

   Tackling the important history of Fort Ligonier is a real priority of mine, so that will be coming your way, in time.

    Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the post on the Braddock Crossing at the Yough River Park area. That was an experience that was particularly fun for me too, so it's good the event was covered here with some details on what went on.

    It has been exciting from my stand point to improve my skills as I learn more details about our local history, with a larger knowledge base and meeting like minded people. It is with a wiser dedication to a more efficient mode of writing. in keeping a few articles in the pocket, so to speak, just in case.

    Finally, there's actually much in the early planning stages and, for your sake and mine, this would be unfair to pin myself down to describe anything closer or definite than already stated above. Many concepts haven't been decided on yet, so any explanations that far ahead will have to wait.


     So that's it for now. Keep checking back folks and I'll see you here 'down the road' and 'around the bend' !

     ~ Histbuffer




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