Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quick Note on Mt. Pleasant Historical Society:

 An Acknowledgement

    Without much thought, I simply, was planning to add this to the post on Mt. Pleasant. Was that from February, I believe?

   That is just what I did recently about a 'pleasant ' incident concerning the town with an experience I had:

 ' Late Note:

  In early May, I had the pleasure of meeting the Mt. Pleasant Mayor, Jerry Lucia, in his role as Fire Chief. I enjoyed the occasion and was honored to have a talk with him for about an hour. We discussed a lot of old local historical subjects. As an added bonus, I had the opportunity to explain to him of my regional website, thank you very much. I must say, he is a very well informed, and likeable man. It was a real highlight for me'.

    And that was the truth, too, of course.

    BUT, on second thought, I wished them and everyone, that in any way visits my blog, to know I so appreciate the recent acknowledgement from such a quality organization as this, that I am writing to you now. Things aren't always recognized in this way. The response was given on their Facebook Site, and yes, I felt it deserved a special corner. I actually went online there to see all the old stories and photos they have uploaded and the comment left with the added link was done before leaving as an afterthought.

    I had originally included the link on March 20. A response came on May 17 that my Mt. Pleasant Post was "interesting and informative." Well, I would openly admit it wasn't exactly expected at that late a date, though it probably took a while for the dots to be connected. Is this an example of the saying, some 'good things come to those that wait' ? That is two compliments, ladies and gents, if anyone is bothering to count !

    It's right here, for those that want to see it themselves. You may of just stumbled across it, but, hey, I'm glad that you did. They have my gratitude, my * thanks.*

     ( Update- 5-26-14: Apparently, the comment left about my blog has been removed. Sorry about that, if it isn't available now. Still, I do want to mention that Rick Meason, descendent of Isaac Meason, will be speaking at the next Bullskin Historical Society Meeting next month- Ed.)

    Not to make too big a deal out of this, you know, I only wanted it understood, it does mean a lot, coming from the source. Call me kind of old fashioned, I hardly think of myself in that way, still, in a larger context I care about the towns and townships here, and I'm certainly not alone. To an extent, I like to think I have some effect relecting my commitment through the articles I write, sometimes late into the night, that are published here. This has developed into my own niche and I do like to see 'Fayette/Westmoreland Forgotten History' get some attention when it deserves it. We gain if we can do something, anything, to bolster each other in some fashion, no matter how insignificant it may look to others. This kind of thing isn't likely to be taken for granted here! I would hate to be accused of that.

   Keeping Perspective

   Our hearts go out to other people with their problems and worries, and to envision the realities facing our illustrious ancestors, as well. What were their expectations for the future? Their fears and way of life, their past times, personal grievances, and achievements. Things were never perfect, then or now, near or far from home, Concerns for the underprivileged and under appreciated, and maybe the lesser known, and our military personnel, are all too real. Nurturing our old towns, cities and rural places, enjoying the grand scenery of the seasons, (yes, in winter, too), and wonderful, though often lost and disused places, and the 'found' ones also!

   Though, it's just my perspective, now and then I find myself perplexed and dismayed, as many are, by the problems and challenges we all face. Inflation, taxes, interest rates, politics; this stuff can pile up on people and seem overwhelming without an anchor to hold onto. We know there is nothing really new about it, yet in this age it is more complicated. In the midst of better preserving our freedoms, cultures and American heritage and following the direction the country is going and how to survive in today's world, are things we deal with a lot every year and every day. Our jobs, marriage's, children and relationships. We simply must do as best we can, with what we have and our chins held high, come what may. This is what are ancestors were faced with too. The blog does get my adrenaline going, just to be able to relate something positive and, hopefully, something meaningful, to as many as is possible. Corny as it sounds, we love this place in our own way. That also makes you 'quality' in my humble little book. And, God bless that attitude. And try to sympathize a bit with those that don't have it, or don't get it. I realize that might sound like an old episode of 'Green Acres', with Oliver giving his patriotic speech and no one could figure out where the music was coming from, remember that? Ha. Well, I do feel this way in my bones and no apologies are forthcoming folks.

    Your input is the only guarantee that I stay on track and don't neglect a post on your area, OK? So please, keep that in mind.

    As you could probably guess, I do check out the Historical Societies and their websites, from time to time. Well, it would be amiss, if I didn't. Along with some other great PA sites to be favored and savored, these organization's are the life blood of an historic community.

    So I thought it just meaningful enough to relate a little more closely.

    I think it's about high time to finally add a 'gadget' for a list of good historical places for readers to search for more in depth information about their favorite local areas, as well as statewide. So, it may take a while. Still, I'll start adding that some time soon.

    Alright, don't fret, let me get back into writing one of my next posts which will probably be on the infamous 'Whiskey Insurrection' of the late 1700's and how it affected the local populace and the surrounding counties of southwestern Pennsylvania, so...please stay tuned. With your support and encouragement we all win. And someone like 'Nancy', (you know who you are), is proof that a little help is a big thing.



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