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 In 1814 the borough of Perryopolis was laid out in Jefferson Township, Fayette County.
It was previously known as New Boston and was named after Oliver Hazard Perry. 

  George Washington had purchased 1,644 acres here, quite a bundle of land. When he visited in 1770 he was quoted as saying,
         " fine a land as I have ever seen, a great deal of rich meadow; it is well watered and has a valuable mill seat."
    There you have it. The mill was completed in 1776 and once it was finished this encouraged business in the area. He actually hoped to develop the remainder and plans to make out streets in a wagon-wheel shape. Washington's estate sold the tract after his death. He reportedly felt discouraged from the development as the Pennsylvania laws changed his outlook, but it was eventually laid out basically as he planned it.
   In the late 19th century, the area around Perryopolis was first mined for coal. Until the 1950's coal would be the main economic activity and was mined through Washington Run and the branch of the P&LE Railroad which continued on to Star Junction.
   The place also has other attractions, as the Searight Fulling Mill and Youghiogheny Bank of Pennsylvania listed on the National Register.
    Maybe the most interesting is the Francis Farm Petroglyphs. Near a boulder in Jefferson Township in the NW area of Fayette County, archeologists have found it so since the mid-1900's.Damaged in the 1930's it is not definite as to origin. There are sixteen carvings on the main one and what can still be seen is worth the trip.

     There is also what is called the Quaker Meeting House, (not really a chapel or church as sometimes described). Built out of a meeting house used from 1793. There are some urban legends surrounding it mentioned elsewhere.

    Perry Township, founded in 1839. The Frazier School District serves the township. Star Junction , Wickhaven, Whitsett, Banning and Layton are the villages that make up this township. The borough of Perryopolis lies ensconced at the center of the township, although it is independently governed and technically not a part of the township.

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