Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Citizenship and Steps of Progress


         An Editorial of Sorts

      The lessons learned from our historical background, from these experiences we all have,open up the realms we are so familiar with today and helped establish, not only a sense of place, but rather what can continue to be stated with that serious and firm resolve and spirit of American values we came to be a part of. This along with a communal sense of purpose that may well need some infusion from our past can help us reach for a renewed search for freedom as often shaped a spirit of pride felt here in more broad terms. 
   Where is the 'soul' of Pennsylvania? Are these ideals still alive? 
   It seems the slow march toward this most meaningful goal and this dream, first as members of these communities, and of our county and state and their constitutions sometimes left to languish, as many perceive it to be, relates directly to the vision of ourselves. The state's peaceful beginnings and hesitation for war and our pursuit of happiness itself relates to what is sometimes so elusive and yet so obvious, and our eventual form of backbone and heroics, as well as our religious faith, and what sustains us. This IS our underpinnings.
   As to the country's amazing story of independence itself echoed so closely by the peal of a special Bell 

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and the cause of keeping that candle of liberty lit and glowing is what will allow us to pause and gather a renewed perspective. It is as much in the present and looming future as ever to the foundations of a storied past, as well in prosperous years as in the hardest of times too; we are living history, making it real. Modifying it as we go along, even if not completely aware of it. In a way, this makes our story unique, and yet, an integral connecting part of the whole, ultimately, of humanity and the concerns of a planet experiencing much turmoil and change. If this stirs up some feelings in you here, well, it should. This is the Republic on which we stand, or fall. These things start on a regional level and work their way up. 

   From the Proclamations of Philadelphia, to the Continental Congress and that cold march to Valley Forge, our foundations were made official and thereby secured.

Wikipedia  Congress voting Independence

   Such profound attributes given here may be easily analyzed and criticized, though it is the nature of history to be looked on in varying lights in different times. Lofty opinions or a search for what was once termed something like 'noble aspirations', especially in modern times, usually tend to be subject to fierce debate. I would find it a privilege if this site found this kind of attention, if any! It could also be that in a free society this is a mixed blessing in disguise. Anyway, further musings and thoughts of this ilk would require a separate blog!
   Naturally, you can make of this discourse what you will and that is as it should be.

   To come gradually from the heights of this soap box and regain the touch of earth and reach for practical things will surely happen soon enough; but, regardless, it is when we are near the heartbeat of so much local, state and national history we all share from the hills Westmoreland and the valleys of it's cousin, Fayette; from Fallingwater and Friendship Hill, to Uniontown and Greensburg, the Resolves of Hanna's Town to Fort Necessity, from those long ago colonial days and the French and Indian War, through Civil and World Wars, to find a few moments to care for this precious place, its politics and economy, its traffic and taxes too, that's true. All assorted pieces of the southwestern Pennsylvania we know. Let's  'take the good with the bad', for it is a necessity we are all too aware of. We are responsible for ourselves and each other and it is us that truly make the headlines here, this much can ultimately be realized, at least. 
  Surely, it is natural for us to agree, it is our way of life and interactions that matter most. What is near we hold dear. This we try to do first, only then to be willingly shared and revealed with the rest of this greatest country in the wide world.

   Thanks go out for all and sunder who took the time to read through these statements.

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