Monday, December 9, 2013

A Piece Of Woodale

    I rode out the other day to take a few photos and have a look around this area using only a cell phone camera and ended up deciding a digital camera would be the proper thing. Trust me, there is lots to see near this place and it deserves a good visit. It has the recently restored, Mount Vernon Furnace, going back, at least to 1801, and it is off of Rt. 982 near the Grange, in Fayette County. This is along the Chestnut Ridge with grand scenery.

  From Route 982 the turn is onto Eutsey road. Then you make a right onto Park road to get here.

   Here is the old iron ore mine built by Isaac Meason, a mover and shaker in the old days who owned a lot of land hereabouts and was very involved in making furnaces too.

Mt, Vernon Iron Ore Furnace
 They did a really good job with it, don't you think?
And right beside it is the home of the Bullskin Township Historical Society,

   It really looks nice. They are a well informed bunch of people and can be very helpful with their website too with quite a lot of info, so check for regular updates.  Does anyone recall when it was a dirt road ? Some of them were also gravel.

The Ore Mine, and there is the old artesian well down the road a hundred yards or so on Mount's Creek:

  It use to be nicknamed 'the Drill' when people would wash their cars there and get a fresh cold drink of water and hang out a while in the summer. Some kids parked at night and occasionally the State Police would stop, and if it was REALLY late, they gave some strong advice to move along homeward, (or so it was rumored).

Any locals have a good story from around here, please comment !

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